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  • Unlock the full potential of quantitative investing with Portfolio123 (15 day free trial, then starting at $35/month).
    • Access to a private group with PortfolioPerfection screens, ranking systems, universes, and more (as featured on this site). Group access is reserved for referred paying members (use link above to be referred).
    • Access to Portfolio123 screens, ranking systems, extensive backtesting tools, and knowledge to create and test your own custom strategies.
  • More about Portfolio123
    • Portfolio123 is a backtesting and simulation tool that can be used to develop, test, refine and even monetize quantitative investing strategies. It used by academia (e.g., Stanford, Cornell), institutions (e.g., Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America) and individuals.

      It utilizes the Compustat-Snapshot point-in-time database (free of survivorship bias) and builds on top of that hundreds of useful ratios and other functions to implement in strategy development. Its documentation is extensive and its interface requires no knowledge of programming.

      Portfolio123 is the primary tool used to develop, test, and refine the screens, ranking systems, and backtests presented on this site. Paid members can integrate their quantitative investing strategies with Interactive Brokers for automated trading and even license their strategies to other Portfolio123 users.

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